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连词成句. 1. wAs, whilE, wAlking, I, sAw, t...

I was quiet before Now I'm very active I was short so I couldn't ride my bike well There was no old library my school Tell us about your school please

1.Please don't read in the sun. 2. 3.I don't like black at all. 4.What can i do for you? 5.Would you like to drink something?

原题 i,child,well,a,couldn't,when,i,speak,was 连词成句 When I was a child , I couldn't speak well . I couldn't speak well when I was a child . 翻译 当我是小孩子时,我不能讲好话。

to、don't、i、went、walk连词成句: I don't go to walk. 我没去散步。

I can't wait for tomorrow to come.

I don't know whose fault it was.

I don't like his new action movie.

1. What is she like?2. She is tall and thin.

46, Many cats can't catch mice now. 现在好多猫都不会抓老鼠了 47, He was the most famous in fifteenth century 他在15世纪是最有名的人 48, There is a boy swimming in the river 有个男孩正在河里游泳 49, Boundaries have no true frien...

Can't he write his name ? (1) 他不能写他的名字吗? (2) 他不会写他的名字吗? He can't write his name. (1) 他不能写他的名字. (2) 他不会写他的名字。 这里(1) 的 can't 是 不能,也就是说,他不是不会写,而是出于某种原因,不能够写。 某...

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