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口语got to slEEp是什么意思?

get to sleep入睡,设法入睡(指的是开始入睡,尤其指经过很长时间或很难才睡着) I can't get to sleep with all that singing. 那些歌声搅得我无法入睡。 I try to get to sleep at night, but I lie there wide awake. 晚上我尽力睡,躺在那...

A:be quiet!don't scream! B:oh,it's really not allow everybody to scream on the plane. C:why are the child screaming? D:i'm very tired,I want to get some sleep,what should I do? A:child,don't be scary!look at me. B:poor child,he...

是的。很多时候想you went to stanley part? 上扬的语气在口语化中便是疑问你去了那个公园吗?

of course, anything bothered me would disappear after my waking up. sleeping can also relax my mind to help me having a smooth emotion.

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