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警察局和派出所分别用英文翻译是Police Department和Police Office。 一、Police Department英 [pə'liːs dɪˈpɑ:tmənt] 美 [pə'liːs dɪˈpɑ:rtmənt] 警察局 二、Police Office英 [pəˈ...

police station

at the police station 一边小地方前面的介词都用at 不过有时候语境不同,也会有变化 希望对你有帮助哦~

“警察局”用英语:"The police"。 例句: The police found the dope when they made the pinch. 警察搜捕时发现了毒品。 The police seized an escaping convict. 警察抓住了一个在逃犯。 You are to report to the police. 你应该报警. Mr Ashw...

警察的英语:police 读音:英 [pə'liːs] 美 [pə'liːs] n. 警察;警方 v. 维持治安;管辖;监督 词汇搭配: 1、ask the police问警察 2、attract the police吸引警察 3、dispatch the police to scene派警察到现场 4、go to ...

通称policeman 美语口语cop 也可分男女.policeman和policewoman

警察局 police office;police station更多释义>> [网络短语] 警察局 police station;Police Department;Police 新加坡警察局 Singapore police office;Singapore Police Force 市警察局 MPDC;GCPD

察局 [词典] police office; kotwalee; kotwali; police station; [例句]他们逮捕了这些人,并把他们押送到当地警察局。 They arrested the men and frog-marched them to the local police station.

policeman(policewoman) 男(女)警察 police officer 警官(也作警察) 有时简称 police 美语口语中常用 cop 怎么读:police /pəˈlis/

报警 call the police give an alarm go to the police ring the bells backward 4种 报警 1. (向警方报告情况) report (an incident) to the police 2. (发紧急信号) give an alarm: 例句: sound the alarm bell 鸣钟报警 短语 1. 报警部件...

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