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多个房间的号码 翻译成英语时哪个单词后面加s

number加s room也加s numbers of many rooms.

Look , I have a nice room . Come and have a look . It’s small and nice . There is a big bed , a small desk , a shelf and a closet . The bed is near the desk . There is a shelf near the closet too . Many good books are in the sh...

翻译成英文是How much square meters is the room, please下图是翻译截图

It's to clean my room.

一般在翻译房子时,许多译者都会使用house的多,其实house是指一幢房子,是指带花园、车库等的房子,而在中国,大多数人住的应当是一幢房子中的一套,指一套房间或公寓,所以应当用a flat or apartment,flat是英式英语,apartment是美式英语,...

Room XX, Building 2, No.7, XX Road, XX District, XX city, XX Province, China

Please look at that room. 请看那个房间。

Room with three single beds.

Please arrange my room in the higher floor as far as possible.

如果你一定要把号码翻译出来,那就是room number,但是我们习惯于说某某房间,比如111房间,就是room111,而不会说room number 111。

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