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Would you like to have birthday party?

AABBC it's the next to bookshop. what a great museum. how can i get to the hospicod.

The sports meeting will be held this Friday .

This picture shows their love for peace。 这幅画表现出他们对和平的热爱。

Would he like a puppet as his birthday present? How does your mother spend her weekends? Can you show me the way to the cinema? Do you eat apple before or after lunch? Whose garden do you think looks the nicest?

People can live without some me at

you should take the medicine three times a day. he needs to go to the hospital and see doctor. don't eat lots of chocolate and sweets.

10, It would be nice to have more computer lessons in our school. 11, Can you make it the changes to yourselves? 12, There is something wrong with my computer.

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