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为你解答。 There is a short break after each class. There is a lunch break from 11.30 to 13.00. 句意:每节课后有一次短暂的休息。在11点半到13点之间有午休。

1 he knows who teaches them English 他知道是谁教他们英语 2 Bill thinks that there will be an interesting game to watch on TV 比尔想一会儿在电视上可以看到一场有趣的比赛 3 Tim wonders whether they love the races 蒂姆在琢磨他们是...

This picture shows their love for peace。 这幅画表现出他们对和平的热爱。's their dreamto have a birdge. 2.The rules are new. 3.we have to wear uniforms to school every day 4.i want to know where your brother lives. 5.She wants to know what I think of the trip. 6 they go on a ropeway to cross th...

My brother is a TV reporter. 我哥哥是电视台记者。


1.Does he live in China? 2.I like going hiking. 3.He sometimes to reads the cows. 4.What are Peter's hobbies? 5.Andy likes drawing pictures and singing. 望采纳,谢谢!


How far is it from here to you?

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