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be hunger for success

If one is always eager to succeed, it's not necessary that he is successful in a short time.

每个人都渴望成功,无一例外,我也是 Everyone is eager for success, without exception, me too

楼主,我看过了,楼上几位回答的都不错,我替你总结一下吧 “渴望得到”英文翻译:1, dying for; 2, eager to do; 3, desire for; 4, long for; 5, 意译法:from the bottom of my heart, I want to...

Who aspires to the extraordinary success of the reserved but eager to meet the challenges 仅供参考

当你对成功得渴望跟你想呼吸的欲望一样强烈的时候,你就成功了。 翻译成英文是:When your desire to succeed is as strong as your urge to breathe, then you are successful. 解释: 1、when 英 [wen] 美 [wɛn] adv. 当时;什么时候;(...

I look forward to joining you~

1)渴望这样的一种感情 渴望这样的一种感情,一种君子之交淡如水的感情。没有执手相看泪眼的凝咽,亦无一日不见如隔三秋的刻骨的思念,只是一份淡淡的,悠悠的,带点落寞飘忽的感觉。是在爱情的玫瑰红里掺进蓝色调的韵味,用时间调和,慢慢发酵...

约翰对成功的渴望帮助他度过了一生中最困难的阶段。 John desire to succeed helped him through the most difficult stage of life.

wishful (形容词) be eager for sth(词组) aspiration (名词) fall over oneself (词组)一般指渴望某人,有喜欢的意思 dying to; (极度渴望) thirst for(渴望,词组) long for (渴望,词组) desire(渴望,名词) 大概是这些,比较...

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